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Thirty-Fourth Leeds Symposium on Food History and Traditions


Saturday 13 April 2019            

Friends’ Meeting House, Friargate, York YO1 9RL


Flavours, Savours

and Sauces



9.45am         Registration and coffee                        


10.30am      This year’s symposium focuses on taste,

and how spices and other added ingredients came into use to improve the flavour of the food that was eaten. 

After the welcome and introduction, the morning session will start with Professor Alan Mackie, who will examine the science behind taste and aroma; historian Andrew Dalby will then consider “the great discoveries and their effect on the English palate”; and finally, Eileen White will talk about the sugar and spices stocked in a York grocer’s shop in 1690.


12.45 – 2.00pm    Lunch.  If you wish to participate in the communal lunch, please bring one item of food, home-made if possible, to serve 2-3 people, table-ready and labelled.  Please note that bread is provided.


2.00pm        After lunch, Eileen White will return to share some gingerbread recipes; Ivan Day will discuss the use of verjuice, cullis and other flavour enhancers in the English kitchen; and Mark Dawson will consider the case of Henderson’s Relish - is it a question of taste?


4.05pm   The symposium will conclude with tea and tasting.


 Please note that no recording or photography is permitted during the talks without prior permission from the speaker

An application form can be downloaded from here

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