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       Food and Health


9.45am         Registration and coffee                        



10.30am      After the welcome and introduction to this year’s symposium, which looks at how food and health are closely linked through the ages, the morning session will start with Iona McCleery, who will consider the healthy medieval diet; Rachel Small will then use a case study from Leicestershire to investigate food, identity and humoral theory in Early Modern England; and Denise Amos will look at the impact of food on the health of the urban working classes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


1.05 – 2.05pm   Lunch  If you wish to participate in the communal lunch, please bring one item of food, home-made if possible, to serve 2-3 people, table-ready and labelled.  Please note that bread is provided.


2.05pm        In the afternoon session Tig Lang will look at a late 14th century doctor’s recommended diet for the wounded, and Glyn Hughes will survey the making and selling of drinks to restore and cure from 1330 to the present day.


4.00pm       The symposium will conclude with tea and tasting.


 Please note that no recording or photography is permitted during the talks without prior permission from the speaker.

An application form can be downloaded from here

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