` Subject


Eating on the move


Bee Wilson: The Ubiquitous Sandwich. To start with the contemporary: demanding neither ceremony nor cutlery, our supermarket offerings are just another incarnation of food-to-go in Britain.

Caroline Yeldham: Medieval Travellers’ Food: opportunities for producers and consumers in towns and cities.

Mark Dawson: Eating out of House and Home: everyday fare in the streets of Tudor and Stuart England as revealed in court records.

Janet Pickering: Refreshment for a Travelling Quaker Minister: evidence from the journals of Joseph Wood (1750-1821)

Peter Brears: Visitor Food in the Lake District in the early 19th Century

Tim Procter: The Hungry Traveller: food on Britain’s railways, from hampers to ‘A Taste of Italy’.


The Domestic Dairy


Peter Brears The Dairy: Evidence from Buildings,

Mark Dawson What’s up with Ewe? The Rise and Fall of English Sheep's .Milk Cheese,

Sarah Maultby "... Eating of curds and whey ... ".

Ivan Day "Bee sure it be a cow calves bagg": Velves, Rennets, and Earnings in Early Cheese Making,

Adam Balic  The Lost Dairy: Fermented Milk Products in Scotland,

Bronwen Percival Beyond Raw Milk: Rediscovering British Farmhouse, Cheese.


Jacks and Jaggers

Peter Brears: Cooking with Charcoal and Steam in the English Kitchen

Giles Cowley: The Blacksmith's Tale: "Wrought Iron and Steel in the Kitchen".

Tony Weston: The Evolution of the English Weight-Driven Spitjack,

David J Eveleigh: Cooking by Gas in the English Kitchen,

Michael Finlay: Pastry Jaggers: their development from the late sixteenth to the late nineteenth century.


Five a day Part 2: Fruit

Gillian Riley: Fruit and Vegetables in Art

Sarah Maultby: A Passion for Pineapple

Joanna Crosby: "Here we come a-wassailing": the Apple in Myth, Tradition and Folklore

Barry Potter: Old Orchards and Traditions in Yorkshire

York Food History Group: A taste of fruit through the ages


Five a day Part 1: Vegetables

Eileen White: Vegetables in the 171hand 181h centuries: the theory

Malcolm. Thick: To what extent did people in England eat vegetables in the early eighteenth century? An examination of some old and new sources of evidence

Ivan Day: Furniture, materials and standards: Sallets in Early Modem England

Rob Gooderidge: The twenty-first century Victorian Workhouse Garden at Ripon

Ivan Day: Growing period vegetables


Pigs and their Products

Laura Mason: A barrel of lard.

Dr. Steph. Mastoris: Loathsome in life, but lovely in death: contrasting cultural attitudes to the pig and pork products through the ages

Gillian Riley: In the eyes of the beholder: images of changing attitudes to the pig and pork products through the ages

Peter Brears: Pig products and puddings, black and white

John Hudson: Pigs and my childhood


Crunch..Historic Biscuits

C. Anne Wilson: Textures and teeth: a brief history of crunch

Malcolm Jones: Love, death and biscuits

Ivan Day: Biscuit-makers and their books

Robin Weir: The Bath Oliver biscuit

Anastasia Edwards: Biscuit nostalgia

Margaret Poole: Music bread

Ann Rycraft: Cracknels


Sausages and Boars Heads

Umberto Albarella: Pig husbandry and pork consumption in medieval and post-medieval England: the archaeological evidence

Ann Rycraft: Look behind you! - the winter pig

Peter Brears: 'The bores head in handis brynge I': of boars' heads and sucking pigs

Madeleine Jewett: A history of the pig in Scotland 1600-1815

Eric Phipps: Everything but the squeal: how the pig supported life in Lincolnshire


……. and some smaller meals

Robert Appelbaum: Little meals: lonely and not-so-lonely communities of pleasure

Terry O'Connor: Archaeology and the everyday meal: detailed evidence from the ground

Gillian Riley: Michelangelo and the working man's lunch

Eileen White: On Watty's birthday, 1763: a gentry family celebrates

John Hudson: Grandmother's cooking: fond memories of Yorkshire food


A Variety of Feasts

Eileen White: A Great Feast: aspects of Archbishop Neville's Inthronization Feast, 1465 and beyond

Gillian Riley: Feasting in Art: how visual evidence can illuminate other sources of information about feasts and banquets

Mark Dawson: A well-earned repast: a workers' reward feast at Middleton, Warwickshire, in 1567

Ivan Day: Feasting with King James II: Coronation feasts as propaganda

Margaret Poole: A Civic Feast to promote the Great Exhibition of 1851


Moulded Foods, Moulds and Mouldmakers

Ivan Day: From quiddany to ballettes: a survey of British. moulded foods

Laura Mason: Cows and thistles: the British butter print

Peter Brears: The ceramic mould in the English kitchen

John Gauder: Pewter moulds for dessert ices: fancy cream and water ices in Great Britain

Robin Weir: Mrs Marshall, Queen of Moulds: a Victorian mould retailer


From cereal crops to oven baked goods

John Letts: Cereal production in later medieval England: an archaeo-botanical perspective on crop yields and the origins of the whiter, lighter loaf

Laura Mason: Barms and leavens, medieval to modern

Malcolm Thick: Bread of the English husbandman and woman, ca. 1750

Susan McLellan Plaisted: Baking in the eighteenth-century oven: bread, cakes and biscuits

Ivan Day: Pies, pasties and pastry


Open Hearth Cookery 

Sally Grainger: Cooking with 'hot ashes' in a high status Roman kitchen

Ivan Day: The clockwork cook: the development of the spitjack and other culinary robots

David Eveleigh: Cast-iron progress: the development of the kitchen range, 1600- 1930

Sally Grainger and John Hudson: Demonstrations of Roman cookery, and English chafing-dish cookery

Ivan Day: A handling session of original artefacts related to hearth-based activities such as roasting, broiling, toasting and salamander cookery


The Changing Face of Food

Tom Jaine: The English kitchen

Eileen White: Soups, broths and pottages

Ann Rycraft: The herring

Anne Wilson: Blancmange

Gilly Lehmann: Fricassees and olios

Laura Mason: Boiled puddings

Fiona Lucraft: Baked puddings


Paradise on a Plate

Howard Coutts: Setting the table, 1500-1850

Ivan Day: Dining with King James II

Phyllis Benedikz: Silver tableware from the collections of the Birmingham Assay Office

Brenda Hosington: (The medieval table: full title to be announced)

Peter Brown: Introduction to Fairfax House and the summer exhibition


Books for Cooks, Housekeepers and Social Historians

Peter Meredith: The language of medieval recipes

Malcolm Thick: A close look at the composition of Sir Hugh Plat's Delightes for Ladies

Eileen White: Domestic English cookery and cookery books, c.1600-1670

Ivan Day: Illustrated English cookery books, 1660-1817

Valerie Mars: Beyond Beeton: researching nineteenth-century cookery and household books in the Brotherton Library's Special Collections


Banquetting Stuffe Re-visited

C. Anne Wilson: The evolution and high season of the banquet in England

Gillian Riley: The influence of the Italian banquet on English gastronomy during the Renaissance

Eileen White: Banqueting houses: the English banquet setting

Peter Brears: Rare conceites and strange delightes: the practical aspects of culinary sculpture

Ivan Day: The garden of earthly delights: the English baroque and rococo dessert

Laura Mason: William Jarrin: a confectioner and his milieu


Food and the Rite of Passage

Tony Green: Ritual structures and the imagery-of food.

Layinka Swinburne: 'She came from a groaning very cheerful': food and pregnancy

Laura Mason: Wetting the baby's head: baptism and christening

Regina Sexton: The day of your baptism, the day of your wedding, the day of your death - the three most important days of your life: Irish food and rites of passage

Ivan Day: Haste to the Wedding

Peter Brears: Arvals, wakes and month minds: food for funerals


Feeding a City : York

Eileen White: The old and the new

Peter Brears: York and the gentry: the York Season and country-house shopping

Ann Rycraft: Manuscript recipe collections associated with York

Bill Taylor: The emergence of the confectionary industry in York

Laura Mason: Local matters: 'York' foods; and York's working-class diet in the nineteenth century


Feeding a City : York

Eileen White: Prelude to the archaeological and documentary evidence

Allan Hall: What the cesspits tell us: 2000 years of plant food in York

Terry O'Connor: Bones as evidence of meat production and distribution

John Hudson: Ceramics in historical cooking: some problems for the potter

Ann Rycraft: Can we tell what people ate in late medieval York?

Peter Brears: York and its food-related guilds from the 16th century to 1800

Eileen White: The Daily Exercise: the housewife in Elizabethan and Jacobean York


Chopping and Changing Cutlery and its Usage from Ancient Times to the Present Day

Peter Smithurst: The Cutlery Industry, its History & Industrial Processes

Peter Brears: Knives without Forks, medieval methods of dining

Bill Brown: The Evolution of Cutlery Design from the Stone Age to the 18th Century

James Lomax: Silver Cutlery and its use in Georgian England (covering period up to mid 19th century)

Peter Brears: Cutlery, its maintenance and cleaning

Ruth Grayson & Ken Hawley: The Shape of Things Past: Changes in table cutlery since the 18th Century


The Country House Kitchen Garden 1600-1950

Gillian Riley: Innovation and Nostalgia: did Castelvetro Bite the Hands that Fed him?

Malcolm Thick: The Supply of Seeds, Plants and Trees to the English Country-house Garden and Orchard, 1600-1800

Susan Campbell: Digging, Sowing and Cropping in the Kitchen Garden and Orchard, 16(X)- 1900

Anne Wilson: From Garden to Table: how Produce was Prepared for immediate Consumption

Joan Thirsk: Preserving the Fruit and Vegetable Harvest, 1600-1700

Lucy Clemson: Herbs in the Herb Garden

Layinka Swinburne: Herbal Remedies: Virtues and Powers


The Country House Kitchen 1650-1900

Its Equipment Storerooms and Staff

Peter Brears: Kitchen Fireplaces and Cooking Ranges

Rosemary Joekes: Utensils and Gadgets in the Country-house Kitchen

Pamela Sambrook: Larders, Pantries and Storeplaces for the Kitchen

Una Robertson: The Scottish Country-house Kitchen

Anne Wilson: Cooks, Kitchen Maids and Kitchen Helpers in the Country House


The Country House Kitchen 1650-1900

Provisioning the Country House

Peter Brears: Behind the Green Baize Door: the Architecture of Food Preparation

Pamela Sambrook: Strong Ale and Small Beer: Some Aspects of Country-house Strong Brewing

Gwenda Hill: Five Maids a-Milking: the Country--house Dairy

Peter Brears: The Bakehouse and the Pastry

Rob David: Ice-getting - a Job for All: the Icehouse on the Country-house Estate

Rosemary Joekes: The Butler and the Cellar


Nineteenth Century Meal and Mealtimes in Britain

Eileen White: First Things First: the Great British Breakfast

Anne Wilson: Nuncheon, Luncheon and Related Meals

Laura Mason: Everything Stops for Tea

Lynette Hunter: Proliferating Meals: On the Way to Snack Culture

Peter Brears: A la francaise: the Waning of a Long Tradition

Valerie Mars: A la russe: the New Way of Dining


Food for the Community:Special Diets for Special Groups


Liquid Nourishment: Potable Foods and Stimulating Drinks

C. Anne Wilson :Water of Life

Stuart Davies: Worcestershire Liquor: Cider, Perry and Verjuice

Alan Davidson: Sherbets Past and Present

Helen M. Pollard: A Liquid Diet -some aspects of invalid food

Peter Brears: Wassail! Celebrations in Hot Ale

Moira Buxton: Hippocras, Cawdels and Possets: Comforting Drinks


Waste Not, Want Not : Food Preservation


Traditional Food East and West of the Pennines

C. Anne Wilson: Traditional Food: a Heritage and its future

Lynette Hunter: Printing in the Pennines: The publisher and Provincial Taste 1683-1920

C. Anne Wilson: Travellers’ Fare:Food Encountered by some Earlier Visitors to the Pennine Region

Peter Brears: Traditional Food in the Lake Counties

Helen Pollard: Lancashire’s Heritage.


The Appetite and the Eye

C. Anne Wilson: Ritual, Form and Colour in the Medieval Food Tradition

Peter Brears: Decoration of the Tudor and Stuart Table

C. Anne Wilson: From Medieval Great Hall to Country House Dining Room: the Furniture and Setting of the Social Meal

Dena Attar: Keeping Up Appearances: the Genteel Art of Dining in Middle-class Victorian Britain

C. Anne Wilson: Ideal Meals and their Menus from the Middle Ages to the Georgian Era


Banquetting Stuffe

C. Anne Wilson: Introduction: The Origin of 'Banquetting Stuffe'

C. Anne Wilson: The Evolution of the Banquet Course: Some Medicinal, Culinary and Social Aspects

Lynette Hunter: 'Sweet Secrets' from Occasional Receipt to Specialised Books: The Growth of a Genre

Peter Brears: Rare Conceites and Strange Delightes: The Practical Aspects of Culinary Sculpture

Jennifer Stead: Bowers of Bliss: The Banquet Setting